3-Minute Breathing Space

Is it hard to find solid ground during challenging times? It is hard to be present for everyday joys?
The 3-Minute Breathing Space can make it easier.

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$ 39 for 3 months access

What are the Benefits of the 3-Minute Breathing Space for you?

Learn from Drs. Segal and Dimidjian as they teach this simple—yet powerful—practice mindfulness practice. The 3-Minute Breathing Space encourages open exploration of moment-to-moment experience. It can be used in many contexts. With practice, you can breathe a little easier throughout your day.


You will be guided by experts in learning to practice the 3-Mintue Breathing Space

You will learn skills that are backed by studies on over 3000 people

You will be invited to engage with videos that guide you through the individual steps of this practice

You will be learn to stay grounded through challenging moments and connect with the positive moments in your life, moving from surviving to thriving


Drs. Zindel Segal and Sona Dimidjian will guide you every step of the way to:

  1. Practice the three simple steps of this transformative practice.

  2. Apply what you learn to daily challenges and joys.

  3. Connect what comes up for you when you practice the 3-Minute Breathing Space with helpful action steps.

  4. Address common questions and challenges as you make 3MBS your own.

Your breath is always available, no matter where you are

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