Mindful Mood Balance

Start with a single breath to prevent depression and anxiety and to live with greater emotional balance.

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$ 189 for 3 months access

What are the Benefits of MMB for you?

Experts Dr. Zindel Segal and Dr. Sona Dimidjian bring you MMB, an 8-week online course to learn scientifically proven depression and anxiety prevention tools from the comfort of your own home, on a schedule that works for you.

You will be guided by experts in learning to practice mindfulness meditation

You will learn skills that are backed by studies on over 3000 participants

You will be invited to engage with videos that bring the learning process to life

You will benefit from the wisdom of people learning these skills, just like you

You will be learn to connect to the nourishing and positive elements of your life, moving from surviving to thriving

This 8-week online course will teach you how to:

  1. Apply mindfulness and wellness skills to reduce lingering depression and anxiety now and to prevent depression and anxiety from coming back in the future

  2. Identify ways you might be living on “automatic pilot” and how to use mindfulness to find your place beyond depression and anxiety

  3. Attend to sensations in the body as a step toward caring for yourself

  4. Use to your breath as a tool to keep you anchored into the present moment, rather than pulled into the past or the future

  5. Identify how depression and anxiety shows up in your life so you can take action to protect yourself

  6. Respond to challenges and difficulties with wisdom

  7. Develop awareness of sources of nourishment and joy in your daily life

  8. Build an action plan, grounded in mindfulness, to support greater wellness and resilience and move from survive to thrive
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